Tokenized Closed-End Fund WiseWolf

Your AI Powered Cryptocurrency Investment Manager.
Pre-ICO coming in March. Now in Private Sale.

The WiseWolf Crypto Fund provides an easy way to enter the cryptocurrency market. By participating in the WiseWolf token offering, you become a cryptocurrency investor avoiding any challenges.

Token price $0.07 only.

Pre-ICO begins in:

-33Days -23Hours -1Minutes -40Seconds


$ 20K private sale
$ 50M hard cap
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Wolf Token provides access to the AI-powered fund of Wisewolf and gets deposited as a trading balance.

Wisewolf AI trades all major crypto-currencies, allowing to capitalize deposit in Wolf Tokens or get your earnings withdrawn in the coins traded.

Adjust custom withdrawal period and get scheduled payouts as predictable passive income.

The AI Platform manages the fund on a 24/7 basis

Trading robots process both technical analysis of the market and the 3rd party factors such as the news. This allows being more precise with rates predictions.

WiseWolf investors hand over entire control to the AI, which saves time and allows enjoying life instead of checking the rates all the time.

Studying AI behaviour is a great way to learn about crypto-currency trading, which makes WiseWolf newbies-friendly. Our robots also send activity reports per request.

Profit protection is a killer-feature that allows WiseWolf robots exit trades with various frequency depending on your risk strategy.

Our Vision


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Q1 2017

The idea is born.

The initial concept is of WiseWolf emerges. The problems analysis and solution search are held.

Q2 2017

Cryptomarket research is run

The team of analysts carefully studies cryptomarket behavior. Main dependencies are highlighted.

Q3 2017

Traders join the team

Trading experts enter the team and form its financial core. Natural behavior patterns are researched.

Q4 2017

Blockchain experts get on board

The top-notch engineering team with expertise in blockchain and crypto-economy is gathered. Discovered patterns are analyzed from the point of view the introduced blockchain solutions throughout the technology evolution. WiseWolf Fund tokenomics and smart-contracts logic requirements are defined.

Q1 2018

AI experts get introduced to the team

The analysis of discovered patterns in run. The decision is made to analyze market behavior in line with the news and social media posts.

Q2 2018

Product architecture is drafted

The research of the demand is complete. Early product followers start forming the community. The turning point is reached as the the vision of prospect of the AI product is acquired.

Q3 2018

The PoC rolls out

Product architecture is acknowledged. Product modules are defined, practical research and pilot data scrapping is initiated.

Q4 2018

The prototype is developed

Internal feasibility study and prototype development.
The feature list is defined and their value-added evaluation is researched. WiseWolf team is scouting potential investors through blockchain events to narrow the MVP scope upon their feedback

Q1 2019

PoC passed. Preparation to ICO

The product passes proof-of-concept stage. The marketing campaign is prepared. Pre-ICO/ICO activities are handled.

Q2 2019

MVP scope acquired

Product prototype gets the MVP scope is acquired. Product infrastructure requirements are defined.

Q3 2019

First pilot robot is deployed

The robot is fed the initially scrapped data, test trading attempts are run. Pattern definition and algorithms application is done manually by the experts. The data is prepared for post processing analysis by AI nodes.

Q4 2019

The initial product module is in Beta

The AI algorithms are being developed. 
Machine learning and deep learning nodes are processing scrapped data. 
The product is in Beta, early Beta-users are invited.

Q1 2020

AI platform is prepared to go autonomous

External advisers and assets get involved. The AI platform is working under trading experts’ supervision. Low-level market behavior dependencies are analyzed along data post-processing.

Q2 2020

The enhanced product module is developed

The data processing is now run through more complex algorithms. Data post-processing is automated to define new or derived patterns. Advisors monitor and slightly mentor the AI work.

Q3 2020

Release Candidate introduced

The product is a Release candidate. The B2B partnership segments are explored.

Q4 2020

WiseWolf platform goes public

The product is in Release. First B2B partnership connections are established.

Our team

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What is the WiseWolf Token allocation?

Token Allocation will take place in three stages:

  1. Pre-ICO for early birds at price $0.07 for a token
    • 250,000,000 tokens available for sale at that stage
  2. Main ICO at $0.1 for a token
    • 500,000,000 tokens available for sale at that stage
  3. ICO for regulated investors at $0.13 for a token
    • 250,000,000 tokens available for regulated investors

We recommend that you purchase Ethereum – unless you expect to invest fiat currency or any other cryptocurrency – before Pre-ICO due to several reasons. First and foremost it is vital to hedge fluctuation risks so the earlier you get your Ethereum, the cheaper you may expect it to cost you as the cryptocurrency markets get stabilized and become bullish again. Second reason is all about time – purchasing earlier will allow you spend less gas on transactions, allowing you to spend more Ethereum on purchasing the tokens rather than on paying for the transaction itself.

How will the Wolf Tokens be used in the future? What does the holder get from them?

According to the smart contract, token owners will collect 50% of the quarterly profits . 40% of the profits will be reinvested into the fund, thus increasing the capital pool without attracting additional investment. This way, the Net Asset Value (NAV) of our token increases over time.

What’s the maximum token supply?

The maximum token supply is 1,300,000,000 tokens, however, only 77% of that amount will be for sale during the ICO. This is made so as to secure the referral and early birds bonuses coverage. Any tokens not sold during the ICO will be burned afterwards.

How can I participate in WiseWolf ICO?

To participate in the Wise Wolf ICO, head over to once it opens and follow the registration instructions.

Is there a minimum investment stake?

Yes, the minimum investment during the ICO is 10 USD. There won’t be a maximum investment per wallet, which means every single investor will be able to invest as much as they like.

Why should I take part in ICO and buy tokens in advance?

The earlier you invest the larger bonus you will receive. For example, investing during the Pre-ICO will allow you purchase tokens with a 30% benefit compared to their cost during the ICO.

Where can I trade using Wolf Tokens?

According to our Roadmap, we have got a 3-step plan on getting WiseWolf tokens listed on crypto-currency exchanges. Join our Telegram chat and follow our blog to stay up-to-date.

Are ERC-223 Wolf Tokens resellable? Would I be able to transfer them to an ETH wallet?

Yes, ERC-223 WOLF Tokens are resellable. And yes, you can transfer them to wallets supporting the ERC-223 standard. We’d recommend to use MetaMask and MyEtherWallet wallets. In addition, WOLF tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges where they can be traded for ETH.

What is the cost of each Wolf Token?

The token price will differ on pre-sales ICO and after the end of pre-sale and for the ICO for regulated investors.

The pre-sale ICO token price will be equal to the following:

1 WOLF = 0. 07 USD

The main ICO token price:

1 WOLF = 0.1 USD

The token price for the ICO for regulated investors:

1 WOLF = 0.13 USD

We recommend that you purchase Ethereum – unless you expect to invest fiat currency or any other cryptocurrency – before Pre-ICO due to several reasons. First and foremost it is vital to hedge fluctuation risks so the earlier you get your Ethereum, the cheaper you may expect it to cost you as the cryptocurrency markets get stabilized and become bullish again.

Second reason is all about time – purchasing earlier will allow you spend less gas on transactions, allowing you to spend more Ethereum on purchasing the tokens rather than on paying for the transaction itself.

One more reason for early ETH purchase is that ICO is a relatively quick process. So it makes sense to purchase ETH beforehand to be on time with investing.

Is there a discount or a bonus during the WiseWolf ICO?

Yes. We offer a special program during the Pre-ICO for the WiseWolf early birds. Our most prompt first investors will be rewarded with bonuses from 20% to 5% depending on how soon they join the token sale. The program is going to last 3 weeks out of 4 that we expect to hold our Pre-ICO within making the bonuses available as follows:

Week 1: 20%

Week 2: 15%

Week 3: 10%

Week 4: 5%

Apart from that, we actively support referrals and everyone who helps us spread the word about our product. If you join us as a referral you may expect a 5% commission in tokens from each investment made by the one you bring to us. You can become our referral here.

Would I be able to buy tokens, using USD or other fiat currency?

Yes. In order to get the exact instructions on how to do that, you will need to sign up for an account at the Investor Panel.

How can I purchase via Coinbase?

Upon registration you will be able to access intermediate Ethereum address to which you can send purchased ETH.

What happens to the tokens that are left unsold?

The unsold tokens will be burned.

See WhitePaper section Token Allocation.

Does WiseWolf ICO require KYC (Know Your Customer)?

Yes, there will be KYC for crypto-only and fiat investors. For crypto-only investors there will be a light KYC process where personal information will be required, such as first and last name, date of birth, nationality, country of residence.

For fiat investors we will have an AML procedure complying to the AML regulations applicable in multiple jurisdictions.

Why do you require a KYC process?

The Know Your Client form is a standard form in the investment industry that ensures investment advisors know detailed information about their clients’ risk tolerance, investment knowledge and financial position. The aim of KYC is also to prevent theft, fraud, terrorist financing and money laundering. It helps us ensure that our clients are not involved in any of the above, hence the service provider won’t get in trouble with the regulators.

I am an US citizen. Can I participate in ICO?

The Wise Wolf ICO is a worldwide ICO and it’s open to everyone, however national laws apply. It’s fully upon the investors’ liability to check locally whether or not they can invest.

What are the WiseWolf tokens compatible wallets?

We recommend using MyEtherWallet ( for your token transactions. To set up a new wallet, follow the steps below:

  • Visit
  • Create a strong password that you will be able to remember easily. Enter the password in the corresponding field.  
  • Click “Create New Wallet”.
  • Download the Keystore / UTC file & save it to a USB drive. This file is your private key in the encrypted format. To access the private key, you need a password.
  • Make sure you read and understand the warning. If you do understand it, click “I understand. Continue”.
  • Print your paper wallet backup or write it down. Make sure you copy it carefully and can read it afterwards. This data is necessary to access your wallet.
  • Copy & paste your address into a different text document. Find your address on You can use this page to check your wallet balance.
  • To test your new wallet, send a small amount (0.0001 ETH) from a different wallet.
  • Unlock your new wallet with the Keystore / UTC file that you stored on a USB drive or with the private key that you copied. Make sure the the key can unlock your wallet.
  • Try sending a small amount (0.00001 ETH) from your new wallet to another one.
  • Make sure that all necessary data is properly copied or stored and that the wallet addresses match. Otherwise, repeat the procedure from the beginning to ensure that you will always have access to the funds in your wallet.

I can’t see my tokens and haven’t received any confirmation. What went wrong?

Probably there was a problem with your token purchase.

Possible reasons can include but are not limited to :

  • The sale has been finished;
  • Transaction is still pending;
  • Transaction has failed because minimal investment required has not been met;

Please get in touch with us via Telegram. In any case the ETH should have been returned to your wallet.