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Cryptocurrency can boost AI adoption, however, current threats must not be ignored

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, altcoins – there is hardly a person who has not heard of them in 2018. Some trust them, some consider them a big bubble, some remain neutral, but there is no question that cryptocurrency is one of the factors driving today’s economy. Every day, we see stories about the all-time highs and the billionaires who jumped on the bandwagon early. People around the globe are now looking to join this market to make the maximum profit from cryptocurrency investments.

What’s even more important is that global finance companies are starting to put their trust in cryptocurrencies. For example, at the end of 2017, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. decided to set up a special trading desk for cryptocurrency transactions. Recognizing the public interest towards cryptocurrency trading, the company does not want to stand aside. Goldman Sachs has become the first investment firm on Wall Street to enter the cryptocurrency market. However, other global financial players seeking to explore new opportunities may soon follow.

Current financial concerns

The nature of cryptocurrencies and the concepts they are based on – the decentralized management, the minimal regulation, the speed of transactions – are at the same time advantages for economies and the source of various concerns.

There are hotspots in the world influenced by the relative stability of the currency. In some countries, it seems to be a salvation for the economy. It can keep economies trading when there is a lack of cash and the potential for money counterfeiting and corruption. For example, think of India where people can queue for hours to get money from an ATM. At the same time, cryptocurrency is a reliable and easy way to transfer money.

We have also seen government intervention cause an interest in bitcoin. China is a prime example. The Government imposed regulations to prevent capital from flowing out of the country. Some say that a large share of the Bitcoin trade is happening in Asian exchanges. According to the report prepared by Rhodium Group, $762 billion exited China in the first 11 months of 2016. Last January, talks about the China government working on Bitcoin restrictions resulted in massive sudden sell-off.

In September 2017, cryptocurrency trading was banned in China which caused a brief fall of Bitcoin rates. However, many Chinese traders moved to international exchange platforms instead, and the Bitcoin price returned to the pre-ban levels. Cryptocurrencies are very resilient to government regulations, and there are already rumors of the Chinese government getting ready to lift the ban.

Security challenges

Many global cryptocurrency exchanges earn the users’ trust by their excellent service and availability. Seeing their advantages, some users become full-time traders exploiting the exchanges as ready-made platforms where they can trade thousands of cryptocurrency dollars in real time.

At the same time, the same advantages that attract users to cryptocurrencies – the easiness of transactions and the minimal regulation – are opening doors for cybercriminals. One of the most high-profile cases was, of course, the WannaCry campaign. Then, the hackers locked up computers around the world demanding bitcoin for a decryption key. We have heard of several cases of global cryptocurrency exchange outage. They were caused by traffic peaks resulting from market fluctuations or malicious traffic from denial-of-service attacks.

Cyber attacks are getting increasingly sophisticated. The criminals learn from the previous cases and try to circumvent the advanced security measures. For that reason, it is extremely important to choose the investment fund wisely. Only a reputed and reliable company can guarantee your safety and protect your investment.

AI adoption on the cryptocurrency market

Cryptocurrency trading can be at the same time highly profitable and extremely complicated  especially for investors that are new to this business. Therefore, people are looking for professional advice to make sure their investment achieves the highest return.

However, especially in the light of the global concerns related to cryptocurrency, it may be difficult to analyze dozens of figures, indicators, and trends to make the right investment decision. For that reason, artificial intelligence is getting increased attention in matters related to cryptocurrency investments.

More and more individual investors and financial companies are putting their trust in investment platforms based on artificial intelligence. AI has proved its superb ability to process and analyze large amounts of data within seconds. At the same time, investment decisions provided by AI take into account the levels of security applied to each transaction and the risks that can be associated with it. Therefore, they are the most optimal under the circumstances.

What can AI offer to the investment market?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the great examples of technologies that experience rapid development. The world has recognized the value they can bring to businesses. In the investment sector, AI can perform the following functions:

  • Analyze historical trends
  • Conduct market research on the basis of the available data
  • Recognize certain signals and patterns to predict future trends

AI uses the same algorithms that have been developed by investment analysts to generate decision suggestions. However, AI is much more accurate and quick in its recommendations. AI can analyze financial trends over various time spans, cross-reference seemingly unrelated events and make asset volatility predictions with unparalleled precision. It is able to assess hundreds of factors simultaneously and can also learn in the process.


For the reasons we listed above users are looking for secure ways to invest into cryptocurrencies. One of them is a dynamic organization that launched Wolf Coin as an ultimately secure investment solution. This organization represents an investment fund based on an AI-driven platform. The fund offers its individual investors a unique plan – with as little as $10, individuals can benefit from the cryptocurrency trading opportunities suggested by artificial intelligence. By joining the fund, they are safe in the knowledge that an AI platform will produce a consistent return and that this powerful channel is creating a new wave of success. At the same time, the people participating in the fund are always protected against cyber attacks with advanced security measures.