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Cryptocurrency: Now in various university curricula

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have become the new buzzwords. People make investments in various cryptocurrency enterprises, monitor rates, try to predict future trends. There are people who know a lot about this new technology, and there are those who are totally out of their depth when it concerns cryptocurrencies.

Before we go on, let’s get our terminology straight. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset securing financial transactions, as well as a decentralized instrument for direct online business transactions. On the other hand, cryptocurrency blockchain is the technology that powers cryptocurrencies that gradually gain mainstream attention.

While cryptocurrency and blockchain are getting increasingly popular, people who do not want to be left out of this new hi-tech mainstream are desperately looking for information. At the same time, you can find tons of various data on cryptocurrency in the Internet, however, in that aspect you are basically on your own. It is up to you to judge the accuracy and reliability of the information you find on online resources. At a certain point, you may decide that, if you want to continue with blockchain, some proper education is in order.

The academic education has recognized the impact that cryptocurrencies and blockchain have on the global economy and does not want to lag behind. Universities across the US, Russia, UK, and Europe have added new courses to their existing finance curricula. In addition to the traditional courses, their students can now choose to learn cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and Blockchain technology.

Blockchain education possibilities

Today, you can take Blockchain courses at New York University, Duke University, Princeton University, Stanford University, University of California – Berkeley and Blockchain University – all in the USA. In the UK, check the University of Cumbria, and B9lab Academy. In Europe, you have IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and the Cyprus University of Nicosia. At the same time, in Russia, the Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics, Saint Petersburg State University of Economics, National University of Science and Technology and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology also offer such courses.

There are also various online blockchain training opportunities for people wishing to get the cryptocurrency knowledge from the comfort of their homes. Basically, anyone determined to learn the subject will find a suitable blockchain education platform.

Bill Gates stated: “Bitcoin is exciting because it shows how cheap it can be. Bitcoin is better than currency in that you don’t have to be physically present in the same place and, of course, for large transactions, currency can get pretty inconvenient”. In his keynote address, he repeated his forecast that in the future, financial transactions would “be digital, universal and almost free. If Bill Gates is backing cryptocurrency as a digital payments solution… you know where the future is headed!”

How is blockchain education organized?

Universities wanting to start cryptocurrency and blockchain courses face certain challenges. First, with the technology being so young, there are still very few experts who can teach students. Second, it is developing so fast that it is next to impossible to put together a decent textbook. Any book on cryptocurrencies and blockchain will be outdated before it gets printed.

At the same time, seeing the huge demand and interest, universities still find ways to include the courses into their curricula. For example, New York University has started the Bitcoin 101 course for its undergraduates. The course became a success immediately with the number of applications far exceeding the available spaces.

University of California, Berkeley chose a different approach to the blockchain education. There is a group of blockchain enthusiasts among the university students who share and popularize their knowledge. They hold classes and various educational events for undergraduate students. In addition, they consult companies wishing to adopt the blockchain technology in their business. The group also has an own research program studying the matters related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Finally, there are also options for those preferring to study at own pace. Coursera, an online education platform, has launched the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Technology course. The course is taught by a professor from the Princeton University and contains all technical details of Bitcoin operation.

The B9lab Academy is a complete online school of blockchain and the related technologies. It has courses for all professionals that work with blockchain – analysts, technical executives, developers, engineers. For those who are completely new to blockchain, there is also a beginner course.

A Smart Move

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