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Is Bitcoin a True Artificial Intelligence Currency?

Both cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence are nowadays among the hottest topics of discussion. They are surrounded by all sorts of rumors and speculations, as their concept is something that had never existed before. Naturally, people tend to make up stories about something they do not fully understand. For example, there are even rumors that Bitcoin, as such, was an invention of AI.

Although this may be a bit far-fetched, the mysteries around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are quite numerous. First, Bitcoin and blockchain creator, Satoshi Nakamoto has not revealed his identity as of yet. We still do not know whether he is a real person or a group of people under the nickname.

This gives room for all sorts of speculations and fantasies. There are talks that such a supreme technology as blockchain could not be invented by a human being. Only artificial intelligence with its data processing capacities exceeding those of humans by far is capable of designing such a structure.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence itself is the subject of speculations. In the recent years, it has been advancing at a breakneck speed and has reached amazing results. We see AI implementations in almost all sectors of the economy and expect still more.

Whenever the situation requires quick response or efficient data processing, AI usually performs better than the human brain. This fact causes certain concerns about artificial intelligence dominating the world one day.

For example, people say that in future, robots may start using Bitcoin. Others claim that robots may replace whole enterprises, which, in fact, is not far from the truth. Some even predict that robots may own property and trade their Bitcoins independently. However, these forecasts seem to be rather remote at the moment. Right now, artificial intelligence is at our service.

Bitcoin on the global scale

Bitcoin is now one of the hottest topics on the planet. It is becoming more popular with each passing day, and, moreover, has started to change the global financial situation. Bitcoin’s biggest boost came from China, which experienced a 7-percent decrease in the value of its national currency. Experts suspect that nationals are using crypto alternatives to circumvent government rules preventing money from leaving the country. For that reason, the Chinese government banned cryptocurrency operations in 2017.

Until the appearance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that followed in its wake, the global economy was dominated by the US dollar. The USA is the greatest actor in the world economy, and its currency was the key factor in many global trends. Whenever any crisis shook the economy of the United States, its effects were felt in any corner of the world.

Enter cryptocurrencies – and the US dollar no longer seems to hold the dominating position. Now, financial transactions are decentralized and not related to the US dollar and its fluctuations. This has a considerable effect on both the global economy and the economy of individual countries.

The fact that some countries and financial organizations such as SEC place restrictions on cryptocurrency operations is an indirect proof that cryptocurrencies disrupt the existing financial markets. However, this disruption is a definite indicator of progress and of the emergence of a new system. The blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies now serve both individuals and companies. There are news that leading financial institutions are starting to put their trust in cryptocurrencies, too.

Cryptocurrencies are going to change the way financial markets work forever. With a smart investment strategy, you can use this chance to secure your future. One way or the other, cryptocurrencies have come to stay, and we’d better accept it.

Bitcoin and AI

Despite the speculations about cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence, we have to admit that both technologies have made many operations much easier. The blockchain system allows quick and reliable funds transfer without any middlemen. As a result, the operations become more transparent and less expensive.

Both cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence are powerful state-of-the-art technologies. Each of them has caused quite a stir in today’s business, opening new windows and closing the existing opportunities. Imagine what these two innovations can do when combined in a single solution?

And such solutions exist already.

At the moment, we can already witness a fusion of the two technologies. We are talking about cryptocurrency investment funds. In fact, an investment fund based on an AI platform can be a better option than independent investment. If you trust an AI-based fund, you are going to get the best investment decisions possible.

As a matter of fact, AI-powered cryptocurrency funds prove to be far more effective than traditional investment mechanisms. When your investment is under control of artificial intelligence, your chances of making the most of the current trends are much higher.

How to benefit from an AI-driven investment fund?

Many people wish to operate cryptocurrencies, but not all of them have sufficient knowledge and experience to do independent trading. AI-based investment funds are specially designed to help everyone benefit from this unique system. By joining such a fund, you can tap into the knowledge and the expertise of the team of cryptocurrency professionals who created advanced analytical algorithms. These algorithms running on the powerful artificial intelligence platform ensure the highest return on your investment.

Wisewolf Fund, a dynamic organization, is about to launch the Wolf Coin. The Wolf Coin is going to be your ticket to the world of cryptocurrency investments. Besides, in Wisewolf Fund, the investment starts with $10. This small amount gives you access to all the advantages of cryptocurrency investments managed by artificial intelligence.

As you can see, it is possible to enjoy the beauty of what the future holds by taking the right step today. There are many things that stand out for those who are watching the trends in the market. People can connect with this value-adding channel that can lead them to prosperity. Obviously, it is the perfect tool for those who want to make huge returns on their investment in the days ahead.