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Tokenized Closed-End fund WiseWolf

Your AI Powered Cryptocurrency Investment Manager.Pre-ICO coming in September.
Now in Private Sale.


Mission Statement

The WiseWolf Crypto Fund provides an easy way to enter the cryptocurrency market. By participating in the WiseWolf token offering, you become a cryptocurrency investor avoiding the challenges of setting up an investor account. WiseWolf will manage your funds on your behalf, investing and reinvesting them in the most liquid assets. The investment decisions are made by a specially designed AI platform analyzing different segments of the cryptocurrency market.

Our team

  • Volodymyr Kostanda

    Blockchain and Cryptography Expert


    Having graduated from the University as a Master of information security and cryptography back in 2006 Volodymyr can claim a half of his life to be dedicated to creation of software products. Working with secure data transfer channels including voice encryption and other ways of data transmission protection has helped him to forge his own principles of developing software and doing business in general. For almost 8 years from now he is walking the path towards changing the world for the better along with his team as a CEO and founder of the software development company he has established.
  • Arkady Shkolnik

    Product Management&Business Analysis


    During his 10 years in IT Arkadiy has taken up many roles including the one of a Digital Marketing Coordinator and Software Product Manager. The experience he gained allowed him to understand the nature of the core process which is behind any digital product - the software development. Business analysis is where the story of each product starts. And he is a great story teller as well as a listener - you tell what you want, he tells you how you do it.
  • Alexey Zagidullin

    Machine Learning and Deep Learning Expert


    Experienced data scientist focused on analysis, modeling and forecasting. He has successfully completed a number of projects in data visualization and quantitative analytics. He is keen on development of analytical and predictive solutions using the Big Data, AI, machine learning technologies. Prior to pursuing a developer’s career, Oleksii worked as a finance expert specializing in financial analytics and forecasts.
  • Volodymyr Koshel

    Artificial intelligence and Machine Trading Expert


    Professional experience includes several successful projects in AI development, machine learning, and natural language processing. He participated in the creation of machine-learning algorithms and neural networks. His latest projects involve the application of machine learning methods to various data. The skills and knowledge that Volodymyr uses in developing advanced AI algorithms are based on a solid scientific background including 11 years in an R&D Institute.
  • Stanislav

    Technical Leader


    With more than 9 years experience in software development, Stanislav has a solid record of successfully completed projects. Main technologies: PHP7 (Laravel, Symfony, Phalcon, CodeIgniter, Silex), JavaScript (ES8, Angular, VueJS, jQuery, Mootools), MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, LDAP, LEMP, Git.
  • Fedor

    Frontend Developer


    Proven team player with 5 years in Information technologies, Fedor has more than 60 projects delivered throughout his carrier. Main skills include but are not limited to: Photoshop, HTML( HTML 5), CSS ( CSS 3),SASS/SCSS, Pug, Bootstrap,JavaScript & jQuery, SVG, Gulp, Git, PHP, MySQL,IDE (PhpStorm, NetBeans, Dreamweaver), cross-browser and cross-platform development.
  • Sergey

    Full-stack Developer


    A graduate of applied mathematics and informatics university, programming has always been among Sergey's biggest interests. Among the technologies he is using in his carrier are: AngularJS, Backbone, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Less, Marionette, Node.js, ORM Doctrine 2, Require.js Sass twig Git, SVN, Opencart, Modx, Symfony, SQL, PHP, MVC, HTML5, CSS3, AWS, Laravel, Drupal, API Typescript, Angular2+.
  • Anna

    Business development consultant


    Anna’s experience as a business development manager includes working with a number of companies on securing their market position and increasing their customer base. She worked as a COO of development company and has knowledge of the advanced business development methodologies to find new business opportunities, establish connections with partners, and define the strategic goals for the company.
  • Rita

    Digital Marketing Manager


    Highly focused marketing specialist with diversified expertise managing multi-faceted campaigns and projects aligning with a company’s strategic initiatives. Creative marketer with vision and strategic planning ability, balanced with hands-on involvement to ensure successful execution of projects and events. Proven skills in planning and managing processes, timelines and budgets. Strong organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple projects under deadline pressure. Experienced, energetic and resourceful problem solver with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Anastasia

    Communications and Marketing manager


    Energetic professional with relevant work experience within different companies. Track record of successfully sharing knowledge and ideas across an organization and working collaboratively to develop holistic, integrated solutions. Capable of identifying, analyzing and solving problems swiftly and effectively. Quick and self-motivated learner with the ability to adapt easily to changing situations. Anastasia is a communications expert with a vast experience of setting up communication networks for companies of various sizes and specifics.

Our Partners

  • cutbits
  • bitcoin
  • cryptocompare
  • bancor
  • trezor

Our roadmap

  • q1 2017

    The idea is born.

    The initial concept is of WiseWolf emerges.

    The problems analysis and solution search are held.

  • q2 2017

    Traders and investors join the team.

    Trading and investment experts form the core team.

    Basic implementation solutions are defined.

  • q3 2017

    Top blockchain and AI experts get on board.

    The top-notch engineering team with expertise in blockchain, crypto-economy and AI is gathered.

    The in-depth vision of tech solutions is acquired.

    The market readiness is explored.

  • q4 2017

    The prototype is developed.

    Internal feasibility study and prototype development.

    Early product followers start forming the community.

    A turning point in the vision of prospect of the AI product and demand on it is reached.

  • q1 2018

    PoC passed. Preparation to ICO.

    The product passes proof-of-concept stage.

    The marketing campaign is prepared.

    Pre-ICO/ICO activities are planned.

  • q2 2018

    MVP scope acquired.

    Product prototype gets the MVP scope defined.

    Product architecture and infrastructure are defined.

  • q3 2018

    The product is in Beta.

    The AI algorithms are being developed.

    Machine learning and deep learning works full throttle.

    The product is in Beta, early Beta-users are invited.

  • q4 2018

    AI platform goes autonomous.

    External advisers and assets get involved.

    The AI platform is working autonomously.

    Advisors monitor and slightly mentor the AI work.

  • q1 2019

    Release Candidate introduced.

    The product is a Release candidate.

    The B2B partnership segments are explored.

  • q2 2019

    WiseWolf platform goes public.

    The product is in Release.

    First B2B partnership connections are established.

Join our referral program

By joining our referral program you will get 5% bonus in tokens and 1% in Ethereum of the investment made by your referral link.

Frequently asked questions

  • What’s the maximum token supply?

    The maximum token supply is 1,300,000,000 tokens, however, only 77% of that amount will be for sale during the ICO. This is made so as to secure the referral and early birds bonuses coverage. Any tokens not sold during the ICO will be burned afterwards.
  • Is there a minimum investment stake?

    Yes, the minimum investment during the ICO is 10 USD. There won’t be a maximum investment per wallet, which means every single investor will be able to invest as much as they like.
  • What is the WiseWolf token allocation?

    Token Allocation will take place in three stages:
    1. Pre-ICO for early birds at price $0.07 for a token - 250,000,000 tokens available for sale at that stage
    2. Main ICO at $0.10 for a token - 500,000,000 tokens available for sale at that stage
    3. ICO for regulated investors at $0.13 for a token - 250,000,000 tokens available for regulated investors

    We recommend that you purchase Ethereum - unless you expect to invest fiat currency or any other cryptocurrency - before Pre-ICO due to several reasons. First and foremost it is vital to hedge fluctuation risks so the earlier you get your Ethereum, the cheaper you may expect it to cost you as the cryptocurrency markets get stabilized and become bullish again. Second reason is all about time - purchasing earlier will allow you spend less gas on transactions, allowing you to spend more Ethereum on purchasing the tokens rather than on paying for the transaction itself.

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